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Published:[2017-5-21] Visitors:[232]
The Art of Jewelry since the 18th Century features over 300 precious objects from France, including a dazzling sword carried by Napoleon Bonaparte at his coronation.
At Napoleon Bonaparte's coronation at the Notre-Dame de Paris on Dec 2, 1804, he carried the sword adorned with a 140-carat diamond. It's known as the Consular Sword.
In fact, today I want to talk about is ceramic dolls.
As early as 2015, Russian female artist Marina Bychkova series of ceramic dolls reached the pinnacle of ceramic firing technology. She burned out the ceramic doll was called: the magic of the doll!
Here are the Russian female artist Marina Bychkova series of ceramic dolls.
Seen these lifelike ceramic dolls. Do you want to have your own one?
The process of burning these dolls is very cumbersome, each doll will be burnt more than 5 times, sometimes to burn 12 times. The face of each painting will burn once again, in order to ensure that the skin color soft. Making this is process quite boring.
Making this doll is a long process that takes several years of practice, learning, modifying, forming.
Our company also has outstanding ceramic dolls. Our designer won the ceramic doll design contest award, if you are interested, come to contact us.
These are some of our ceramic dolls.
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