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Do you want to be a Little Princess?
Published:[2017-4-28] Visitors:[245]
"A Little Princess Cinderella is a type of Children's fiction, British girl Sara Crewe, The newly born mother died, father, Captain Crewe.
In India, the very rich. She just school, treated like a little princess General., On her birthday, there was a bad news that Sarah's father had died. All of a sudden, Ming Chin miss her attitude changed completely, Instead, think of her own burden, Her from "A Little Princess" has become a lowly servant girl. But difficulties in her life, don't forget to help others. Sarah, despite changes, can only be secretly miss father, but the most hard time has always been strongly, After her father's death was also left behind a large legacy and his friends after many twists and turns, Finally found her. Later, Sarah. It is "a little princess". Small protagonist played by Shirley Temple. The little angel forever, forever a little princess!
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